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Oakdale Equine Rescue

March 2019

525 Horses Rescued since 2011

17 horses currently in OER  

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

• • Oakdale Equine Rescue is a place where the battered, starved, abused, neglected and throw aways can come and be healed, made whole, get loved on, fixed up, beautified and re-enter the world with a hope and chance! All of my encounters with this organization have been a blessing, positive and of excellence. Please join and supporttheir outreach to rehab and rehome horses... YOU WILL BE BLESSED!

Dr. Edna Overstreet


I've had the pleasure of working with Oakdale Equine Rescue on several occasions, when we co-hosted low-cost castration clinics for the benefit of local horse owners. Their team is knowledgeable, professional and possesses a high level of integrity. They are deeply committed to making a difference for needy and at-risk horses.

Shirley Puga

National Equine Resource Network


My job places me in a position that allows me to work with horses that are often neglected or abandoned, and in desperate need ofcare.  Over the past few years I have forged a relationship withOakdale Equine Rescue that has given these horses a hopeand future they hadn't before.  Prior to OERs existence it wasvery difficult and disheartening to try and place these unwantedhorses.  OER gives these animals feed, board, vet care, training,time, and love.  I have seen OER board members personally investthemselves, heart and soul into these horses.  I have watched themplace their faith in an insoluble horse to give it every chance and watch as a miracle unfolds. OER by far is the most active horse rescue that I have had the privilege of working with and wouldrecommend anyone with the means to support this wonderfulrescue.

By Cerissa Hultgren

Merced Animal Control


Oakdale Equine Rescue is an incredible organization. Over the past 2 years, we have adopted 3 horses from OER. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and mostimportantly they truly care about the animals and their cause. I can't thank you enoughfor taking the time in teaching us about horses and any question we have. Because ofOER we've been blessed to extend our family by 3 amazing creatures.

Julie Monroe


We met Oakdale Equine Rescue in December 2012 when we were looking for a horse for our daughter. He was to be her first horse and we wanted him to be the perfect match for her. OER did a great job matching her abilities with a horse they had available. She and Brownhorse are best friends. He loves his little girl and she loves herhorse.We tell everyone we meet that is interested in owning a horse to consider a rescue horsefrom OER. They love their horses and will not adopt a horse if they don’t feel the matchis perfect.We adopted a horse from Oakdale Equine Rescue for our daughter in December 2012.They did a super job matching our daughter with the perfect horse for her. We wereso happy with them we told them we wanted to adopt another horse from them in thefuture. In March 2013, OER called saying they had a horse they thought would be a good match for me.From the first time I met Slick, I was in love. He had had a hard life before and OERwas rehabilitating him from near starvation. He looked a little rough still, but he hadsuch a gentle willing spirit, I could tell he was going to be a great horse.Since we adopted Slick, he and I have attended a Buck Brannaman clinic, competed incattle sorting, trail trials and even worked with a local mounted unit. He has proven tobe a very steady and calm companion. OER puts so much work into making sure theirrescued horses go to a good home and we can not thank them enough for bringing himinto our lives.

Derrick Letsinger


Sundance, Apollo, Rabbi and many more came to me via Oakdale Equine Rescue. I respect and honor this rescue they everything that a rescue should be. They go aboveand beyond what is needed to bring these horses to the life they so deserve. I applaudeverything they do. Bless you all for sending these special horses my way. They provideme with a smile, they give me hope that there are people like you caring for thesewonderful horses. Blessed Be.

Elayne Tingey


Amazing people helping Gods beautiful creatures.

Lana Colman-Clayton


I have watched the Facebook page of Oakdale Equine Rescue for some time. They work really hard doing the best for the many animals who come their way. To name a fewof their projects from this summer: They rescued a Blind Mare with twins starving onpublic lands. Stallion mustang that needed gelding and teeth floated. Belgian draft marewith a screw in her frog. And Recently a Gray Percheron from Nevada. They work withThe Flags up Farm of Monty and Pat Roberts of Solvang, CA on evaluation and trainingfor many horses. No wonder they are able to place many of their animals all over theCentral Valley of California as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area and several othersin homes as far away as Idaho. People trust their evaluations of animals because theyare accurate. They do not rush rehoming. They try to match the right people with theright animal. That takes people who work well with animals and work well with humans.Hard to come by in this day and age. They also have a wonderful group of volunteersthat make it all happen. They add a great deal to the Community of Oakdale, CA.

Joanne Schifini


Love OER! What an amazing organization! I could never stop raving about them. I adopted the most amazing horse from them! They take as many as many as they can andthen some. They take all walks from healthy to the sick. Give them the best andfind them the best homes. They take the time to work with the adopters to make sureit's the perfect fit. They will provide you with all the resources possible! For those whothink horse ownership is out of the budget, yet think again you can adopt a horse andsave a life and it can be well with in your financials. Research and reach out to OER theywill help you every step of the way. Thanks to you OER for the perfect horse!

Brandee Kathan


AMAZING!!! That is how we describe the work of the volunteers at Oakdale Equine Rescue. The people who run it give so much of their time and effort for the benefit ofhorses in need. We have recently been fortunate enough to become volunteers, whenour schedules allow. We have personally seen horses of all shapes and sizes brought tothe rescue in need of help. These volunteers nurse them back to health with vet care,nutrition and trust. They personally have taken me from a person who is terrified ofhorses, to someone who can care for and trust the horses. The most amazing part forus is after we see a horse come into the rescue that has been abused, malnourished andneglected. Within a few weeks of care, the horses' personality returns and they beginto trust their new caregivers. I never knew the level of intelligence of a horse to be able to differentiate their situations. These animals overcome their previous nightmaresand understand they are now safe and cared for at Oakdale Equine Rescue. They aregiven a second chance to live a happy and healthy life. The volunteers then find a newpermanent home for these rescued animals, ensuring they will be safe and happy for therest of their lives. My husband and I will continue to volunteer our time and support thisrescue.

Jonnie & Valerie Moore

Escalon, CA


Any horse that finds its way to OER is blessed. OER is the most passionate, dedicatedgroup of people assisting with the unwanted horse population in the Central Valley.They are compassionate, practical, and committed to finding the right home for everyhorse that comes through their organization. Whether a horse needs just a simplecheckup to full veterinary care, each horse gets personalized care from this group. Thesewomen do amazing work on a limited budget, and I am awed by the impact they makeon the local equine community.

~Margaux Buchanan, DVM


I’ve known Jeannine Etheridge for about five years now. From the start, I was impressed with Jeannine’s spirit and dedication to the health and welfare of the horse. Her tirelessdevotion has helped to nurture a struggling enterprise into one of the most well respectedand successful rescue agencies in California. She has devoted her life to helping lessfortunate horses find permanent homes with loving owners. Oakdale Equine Rescue hassaved hundreds of horses with few prospects for the future. I salute Jeannine Etheridgeand Oakdale Equine Rescue for their devotion and dedication to the horse.

Susan Dockter

ProActive Horsemanship


I have known Lora Handley for years and have found her to be a woman with a special gift to be able to match a horse with the perfect person. From rescue horse 1 to horse202. It has been my great pleasure to have been a part of Oakdale Equine Rescue. OERhas given me a great opportunity to get under over 100 plus horses and experience manyextreme cases of poor hoof conditions. It has been a great learning experience and hashelped me grow in my business. Lora Handley has given me the opportunity to explorenew ideas and work with several different Veterinarians to help horses with differentlameness issues. I am excited to see what great things are coming in 2014 for OER.


Justin Johnson.

Owner of Iron J Forge


Salon 2717 has been financially sponsoring horses for Oakdale Equine Rescue for thepast 2 years. I am constantly amazed at the dedication OER gives these horses. The timeand money that OER must raise to care for these horses can be astronomical. I am sothrilled that I am able to help Oakdale Equine Rescue do God's work.

Eleanor Gomez

Salon 2717