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Oakdale Equine Rescue

March 2019

525 Horses Rescued since 2011

17 horses currently in OER  

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Butte Fire Update:

I want to thank Jeannine and Lora for helping me and my family evacuate during the Butte Fire. We thought we were evacuating early as a precaution. When we were planning, we had no idea these true friends, and very brave women would be driving through road blocks to get to us. It was happening so fast! I was terrified! I had my two horses and two OER Foster horses and a two horse trailer. We were loading horses onto trailers as ash fell around us. Two of the horses went on without a problem, but the other two were scared and would not load. I had marked all four horses with the phone number of the rescue. Jeannine had told me to do this as soon as we heard about the fire. I knew time was running out to get out safely. When they arrived, Jeannine and Lora were a calming force. They loaded two very terrified horses in less than five minutes, and got us on the road to safety. Then when I found a friend at the evacuation center with her two horses, they stepped up again and took in her horses plus one of her neighbors two horses. Then they continued to help by transporting injured horses and other animals to vets out of the area.
I am so proud to be part of OER. I have learned so much working with Jeannine and Lora. They are amazing!

I am also thankful for you, the supporters of OER. You stepped up and donated funds to help OER do what they did for the animals and people affected by the fire. Your support  helped transport animals to safety, get them Vet care as well as feed these displaced animals.
Thank you!!!!
Mary Smith
OER Secretary

This is a slide show of some of the equine OER has rescued.  There are also pictures of some of the people who work so hard to see that these equine are rescued and find a forever home.