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March 2019

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Wink and Stare
We received a call from a lady regarding Stare and Wink, two horses that were abandoned in San Andreas. Stare was a 30+ year old Arabian gelding with a rather large sore that covered both his inside thighs and around his rear end (very painful!) and a very nasty abscessed tooth. Wink was a 30+ year old quarter horse gelding with two rear pasterns that just about hit the ground when he walked. Both these horse were tossed away by their owner because they were broken down. It's amazing how people will take an animal in, enjoy them for years and then throw them away because they can't do what that human asked them to do anymore. On our way home Wink fell in the trailer as he had no ability to hold himself up. We managed to to get both boys back to the rescue and had our in house Veterinarian, Dr. Jen Jesky, evaluate them. Both these horses were done!! I'm angry!! Do the right thing people!! Before you toss them away, please put yourself in their shoes! Is this the way you want to end up?? We want to thank Karen Boyd and a group of people that came up with funds for us to take these two and for helping a young woman by the name of Suzanne who these two horses were dumped on. Because of people like Karen we are able to do right by these two amazing geldings. We did have to put them down but not without trying first.

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