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Oakdale Equine Rescue

April 2016

14 Horses Adopted in 2016

341 Horses Rescued since 2011


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We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

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Tess is up for adoption

Tess is a 7 year old, 15.1 hand high Thoroughbred mare. She is halter broke and leads, but has not been started under saddle. She is very sweet, loves attention, is very curious and eager to learn. Her adoption fee is $400.00 or $250.00 for a trainer.

We would love Tess to find her forever home. We were called by a family in Lodi. The sheriff's department was involved and they wanted us to take in Tess.

They said they had an organization that works with children and horses that would take in the two horses. (Originally it was two horses Tess and her mom.) When they were loading the horses onto the trailer Tess broke loose and ran. The sheriff's department was there and they used their vehicles to corral her. She was running near the freeway and they almost had to shoot her to protect the community. Fortunately, she made a right choice and ran back to where she was being kept. She was safely contained and the other organization took her mom.

The family that called us had no horse knowledge. The two horses had been abandoned on their property by their owners.

When we got there they told us the story of the previous experience loading her on a trailer. When we picked her up, however, she jumped right on the trailer.

Since then she has been to Monty Roberts' Flag is up Farms for training. She is a very sweet young horse that just needs the right start in life.

Tess before

Tess after

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Our Mission

At Oakdale Equine Rescue we strive to:

  • Assist animal control officers in seizing, adopting and fostering horses
  • Rehabilitate neglected and or abused horses
  • Educate the public about horse care and management
  • Help Equine owners place horses in time of need
  • Help place equines into forever homes
  • Be available to other equine rescues
  • Encourage the public to get involved by stopping all animal neglect and abuse

We take pride in the horses that come through our gates. They came here for a reason. They want and need that special someone. They want safety, trust, love, and a job. They want a home!!

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