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June 2016

19 Horses Adopted in 2016

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Ashley and Reign this week.

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The picture Ashley saw of Reign on Facebook.

We got cute updates like this from Ashley.

Freedom and Reign the day they were rescued.

We love success stories. When a horse comes in we do all we can to make sure that horse has his or her own success story. This is Reign's success story. 
Reign came as a pair with her buddy Freedom. (Freedom, now named Enya was also adopted to a great family.) They came to us from auction in Fallon, NV. The picture of these two fuzzy little horses is unforgettable. Reign was scared but curious. They went to Jeannine home first. Reign would stay right at Freedom's side. Freedom was very friendly and Reign was curious and timid. They were such a cute pair. 
Summer came and Reign was not shedding out. So we decided to shave her long coat off. When we were done we found she had a large hernia. Jeannine tried what the vet recommended, strapping a tennis ball to her to push it back in. But she would come out after a time and see the ball on Reign's back. So the decision was made to do the hernia surgery. The pair were separated and Reign had the surgery. She then went to Lora's house to rehab from the surgery. During that time Lora got a call from Mary saying Freedom had lice and she should check Reign. Sure enough Reign had it as well. They must have come in with it. So Lora shaved her mane to get rid of the eggs and bathed her to get rid of the bugs. 
Once she was doing better we decided to put the pair back together so Reign went to Mary's house to join Freedom. They had grown apart during their time apart. It was a little sad to see them move on with their lives, but it was for the best. It would have been hard to place them together. Reign grew up fast. She was such a good girl. She was no longer fearful. Between Jeannine, Lora and Mary she had so much handling she was a sweetheart. Then we got in a mother and her filly. We put Reign in with them to help separate the pair. Reign was such a good horse. We could put her with anyone and she was happy. 
She touched so many lives people and horses at the rescue. She went to Monty Roberts for training and when she came back there was a new fearful horse that needed a friend. She went back to Mary's house with that horse as a buddy.
She was doing great growing and learning. Then catastrophe struck! Mary's house was in the path of the Butte Fire and they had to get out and get out fast. Reign, even with all the chaos got right in the trailer. The other horse would not. We used Reign as an example because she was so good. We loaded and unloaded and loaded her again. The other horse refused to go in even with her friend. We loaded Reign one more time and headed down the hill. She was by herself in a trailer and was fine. When we got to San Andreas we stopped. The man hauling Reign couldn't go to Oakdale. So we stopped at an antique store in San Andreas took her off the trailer and put her in with Cody, Mary's horse. We then stopped at a friend of Mary's in Wallace to drop off her horses. Reign had to unload again so Cody could get out. She did and got in the trailer with her friend to head to Oakdale. At each stop the people fell in love with her. How could you not! 
She remained at another foster home. The fire had damaged the fence at Mary's place where she was staying but Mary wanted to continue to work with her. So Reign headed back to Mary's place, this time the fearful horse that she was partnered with was Pongo. Reign went in with Mary's horses while they repaired the fence. She did so well that even when the fence was fixed she stayed with them. 
Reign was special, but she wasn't finding a home. We listed her again and put her picture on Facebook. That's where Ashley saw her for the first time. She came out with her family to meet Reign. Watching them together was wonderful. Reign connected with them immediately and they spent over an hour with her that day. We knew is was right and were so happy when Ashley called to say she wanted to adopt Reign. 
Ashley updates us on Reign from time to time. We got a picture of her riding Reign. They looked great! We asked if we could share her story and Ashley wrote this "Reign has been an absolute blessing. She is everything anyone could ever ask for in a horse; kind, willing, and smart. I am so thankful to have stumbled upon her picture on Facebook! The minute I saw her picture I knew I had to have her! In just a few short months Reign has progressed so much! She now has about 70 days under saddle and is doing great in everything she is being taught! Thank you so much Oakdale Equine Rescue for giving amazing horses like Reign a second chance for people like me to love them! "
Reign touched the heart of everyone she met while we had her at OER. We are so happy she has such a good home and is doing so well. 
It was friends like you who made this success story possible. If you can't donate, liking and sharing these horses stories gets them seen. We want every horse to find their special person. Reign was seen on Facebook. What a great tool Facebook can be for these horses. Please continue to read about these horses and share their stories. It really does work!

Freedom and Reign reunited.

Ashley and Reign days after she was adopted.

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We take pride in the horses that come through our gates. They came here for a reason. They want and need that special someone. They want safety, trust, love, and a job. They want a home!!