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This is a link to a video we did talking about our rescue at our 3rd Annual Benefit Barn Bash. There are pictures included of the rescue of Bey. You will see the conditions of the place he came from.

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Thank you ASPCA!

We want to thank the ASPCA for a grant of $500 we received to help with training for our rescue horses. Good trainers are so important to finding our rescue horses a good home. We appreciate the ASPCA for understanding that and for the grant money to help.
When a horse comes in to OER many times we know nothing about that horse. Many come from Animal Control Agencies with no knowledge of their training. Since we received this grant many have come in with that story. Three horses: Spartan, Corona and Ghost came in from Santa Clara County Animal Control as strays found on  Monterey Highway. Rose came in from Merced Animal Control. They found her tied near the canal. We need a knowledgeable trainer to help us evaluate these horses so they can find the perfect home.
Horses like Willow came to us, also from Animal Control. Her story was bad. She came to us June 12, 2015. She is a BLM Mustang who, prior to arriving at OER, had a very hard life. When she arrived she was hundreds of pounds under weight and had severely overgrown hooves. She had open wounds that were filled with maggots.
Willow was rescued with another horse, Pride, who has since been adopted. Both horses were in horrible condition and when they were seen by neighbors, those neighbors contacted Animal Control and OER. We kept the focus on these horses until they were rescued. They were in such bad shape they came straight to OER to be cared for and loved.
Our trainer worked with her and she was doing great. But she just didn't want to "work" anymore. She wanted to retire. She did what was asked of her, but when adopted "she fell apart". She came back twice. We paired her with another horse and found an adopter who would take both. One for riding and Willow as a buddy. She is now happy with her new life and we are happy for her.
But not all stories end like that. Iris came in from San Jose Animal Control. She was in bad shape when rescued, and was in foster care when they called us to take her and find her a home. Our trainer found she knew a lot and just needed a "tune up". She was adopted and is doing great with her new owner.
These are just a few stories. This year we have already adopted out over 52 horses, donkeys, ponies and minis. Many of those horses needed a skilled trainer to assess their training level before they were adopted. Thank you ASPCA for helping us with your generous grant. We hope to work with them again in the future to continue our rescue mission.

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We take pride in the horses that come through our gates. They came here for a reason. They want and need that special someone. They want safety, trust, love, and a job. They want a home!!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

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Thursday we got a call from animal control about a horse that needed our help. They told us what he looked like, but when we arrived to pick him up our hearts broke. Bey is a sweet 15 year old Quarter Horse gelding.We took him straight to Sweet River Equine Clinic so they could do what they could for him. They gave him a full exam and even found cockleburrs in his sheath. They cleaned those out to make him more comfortable. Dr. Sweets said he was cautious but optomistic about Bey's chances for recovery.
Bey spent the night there and they worked on his hooves the next day. They did radiographs of his hooves before trimming. They trimmed as much as they could without hitting live tissue.
He is at the rescue now. He needs lots of shavings to stand in. His hooves are sore. He will need lots of groceries! When he is felling better he will need sand clear, vaccinations, and wormer.
As they examined him they found saddle sores on his back.
If you want to help with Bey you can donate using the donate button and Paypal. Or you can mail a check to us at PO Box 1980 Oakdale, CA 95361
Donations can also be made directly to our account at Sweet River Equine Clinic. Tell them it is for Bey. Or directly to our account at Oakdale Feed, tell them it is for Bey.
We will continue to update you on his progress. He is not out of the woods, but he seems to know he is being helped and letting us do what we need to to make him feel better.

When you click on the pictures below you will see a description of what is happening in the picture.

March 2019

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