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We take pride in the horses that come through our gates. They came here for a reason. They want and need that special someone. They want safety, trust, love, and a job. They want a home!!

May 2017

52 Horses Adopted in 2017

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It's that time again! Independence Day is just around the corner. This will be Oakdale Equine Rescue's 7th year with Phantom Fireworks. We will be open on June 30 at the 7-11 located at 1138 W. F St. in Oakdale. All the proceeds go to the horses. If we didn't have this fundraiser we would not be able to continue doing what we do. If you can't make it could you please share it! The horses will love you for it! If you don't buy fireworks and you want to make a donation please go to We will be doing a raffle though out for those that come to our booth and spend a minimum of $100.00 or more. The drawings will be held on July 4th. The winners will be contacted via phone.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

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OER has been very busy for the last couple of months helping Dreamcatchers Wild Burro and Horse Sanctuary. Jeannine originally contacted Dreamcatchers founder, Barbara, to try and find a sanctuary for Willow. They talked about Willow going to the sanctuary and in return we would take some of the weanlings that were born at the sanctuary. Before arrangements were finalized, Barbara Clark died and things got a little hectic. Mistakes were made, and stallions ended up with the mares which brought on a wave of new foals. Things got worse when those mares started foaling during some of the worse cold weather California has had in awhile. The decision was made that this would not be a good place for Willow to go since they were having problems.
Then Jeannine got a frantic call from one of the ranch hands at Dreamcatchers. A donkey was giving birth and it wasn't going well. She contacted her friend, Maya Horsey, who lives not far from the sanctuary. Maya agreed to go out and help. It became apparent that the sanctuary needed help, a lot of help. When Jeannine went up to help she realized that taking a few babies would not be enough. The two of them agreed to become board members and help to take care of the horses.
Jeannine contacted and worked with horse rescues throughout California to rehome pregnant donkeys and horses, mares with their foals and weanlings. So far over 100 horses have been rehomed. Jeannine and her husband did a lot of the hauling to deliver these equine all over California, Nevada and even Texas.
While this was being done Jeannine and Maya were also taking care of the original problem, all those stallions! Maya sorted the over 300 horses finding all the stallions on the over 1000 acre sanctuary. Jeannine arranged for a gelding clinic and found an out of state resource to fund this huge undertaking. The clinic happened during the first week in May. It was a huge job, but 40 horses and 17 donkeys were gelded that weekend. While they were sedated the boys were also vaccinated and had their hooves trimmed. We want to say a huge thank you to Dr Eric Davis and his team, R-VETS. They are now in the process of arranging one more gelding clinic to take care of the remaining 40+ stallions.
We took on some of the babies and horses from Dreamcatchers. Argo, Sawyer, Featherfoot, Camille, Lacey, Sasha, Blue Sky, Violet (who is pregnant) and Illusion and her filly Abby are some of the equine that came from Dreamcatchers. We have already rehomed some of the equine. Sweet Pea, Lucky, a Donkey and her baby, Thor and Clair are among some of the horses and donkeys who have adopted out to new homes.
If you would like to help us help these horses the work is not done. These horses have been costly to rescue. They all needed vaccinations, hooves trimmed, vetting, the boys needed gelding, and most of the horses and donkeys needed their teeth floated. Many of you have helped us and we are so grateful for your help. Many of these horses have come to us unstarted and needing training. The young ones were born at the sanctuary and never handled. The work continues and we still need your help. If you want to help you can click the donate button and it takes you to our website where you will find ways to donate. Put "Dreamcatcher Herd" in the notes so we know that is how you want to help. If you can't donate please help us by liking or sharing this post. Thank you for your continued support.
Jeannine contacted many rescues to help in this endeavor, but there are still horses that need to be homed. If you are a rescue and want to help please call Jeannine at 209-614-2338. The work goes on, and there are still horses and donkeys that need to be rehomed.
We usually try not to post such long stories, but we wanted to tell you the whole story of what has been happening. The pictures are of the horses we have brought to OER and pictures of the work being done at the sanctuary.

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