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640 Horses rescued since 2010

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Raising funds for our rescue horses is so important. With your support, we will continue to be able to provide the best care to our horses.

Where your donations go:

  • An average horse will consume one bale to a bale and a half of hay a week. Each bale averages $13 - $20
  • Veterinarian physical examinations will cost $80- $85 each.
  • Routine dental care is essential to a horse's health. They will be more comfortable, will utilize feed more efficiently and may live longer. This service costs $165- $200 every two years.
  • Basic hoof trim or Farrier is recommended every six to eight weeks at a cost of $50 -$60.
  • Vaccinations are done in the Spring and Fall. Each Vaccination is $25- $65 and multiple vaccines are needed.

Ashley Miller-Mello


Mello Horsemanship

Oakdale Equine Rescue

Lora Handley

Vice President


the Innocent

They have a voice, but they can't always be heard....That’s where we come in. We at OER give them a voice. They put their trust in OER and OER puts our trust in them.

We promise to comfort them when they are scared.

We promise to feed them when they are hungry.

We promise to keep them up to date on their health care.

We promise to make that difficult decision to humanly euthanize them if that is what would put them at peace.

We promise to do our best to find them a safe and loving forever home.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

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