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March 2017

16 Horses Adopted in 2017

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Ciara when she arrived at OER

We have the date set for our next Benefit Barn Bash.

Save the date: September 16, 2017.

Planning has begun and we will let you know more details when we have them. This is one way we raise funds to care for our horses. It is sure to be a great time! We hope to see you there!

We want to introduce you to Ciara. Sometimes people call us to report on a horse they see that looks like it is being neglected or abused and we advise them to call animal control. This story shows why that is such an important step. These are pictures of Ciara. She came to us this week after a Good Samaritan rescued her from her abusers. But by doing that the abusers were "let off the hook". You see animal control does a good job at collecting evidence and building a case against abusers so they can not do it again. When we go around that step we put future horses in danger. If there is no case, the abuser can continue to take in animals.
What this Good Samaritan did for Ciara was an amazing deed. We would like to use this situation as an example for the public in the future. She did right by Ciara in every way she possibly could.
It is heart breaking to see horses in this condition. As horse lovers people want to help, but without the knowledge on how to feed a horse to get them back to their proper weight they can do more harm. We work with animal control and local vets to ensure abusers don't get off the hook and to ensure the horses are rehabilitated properly.
Education is part of our mission. We educate the public on how to handle situations when they believe a horse is being abused or neglected.
Now we have Ciara. She is safe, but has a long rehabilitation ahead. We will do our best to bring her back to good health. When we get horses that look like Ciara we hold our breath and pray they will make it as we do all we can to bring them back to health. She is 4 years old, 15.1 hands and only weighs 685 lbs. She will need vet care, lots of food and shavings for bedding because she has no padding. She could use a sponsor, or two... You can go to our website to sign up as a sponsor. You can also call Oakdale Feed at 209-847-0307 and make a donation to our account in her name.
We have been asking you to share the lists of some of the horses we have listed as available for adoption. Can you share Ciara's story? Educating people what to do when you see abuse is important. There is a lot more of Ciara's story. We will keep you updated as best we can.

Update 9/27/16

We want to update you on Ciara. She came to us in June in very bad shape. She has had a few set backs along the way but now she is doing great! She still has a lot of weight to put on, but she is energetic and hungry. In fact she is eating us out of house and home. Here are her before and now pictures. We are very encouraged about the progress she is making.

Ciara now

Update: 3-7-17

Ciara is doing great and we are happy to tell you she is up for adoption. She has come a long way from her "before" picture and now she is ready to find her forever home. Ciara is a 5 year old Morgan Cross mare she leads, blankets, ties, bathes and loves to be groomed. She loves people even after the way she was treated before she was rescued. She is ready to start in what ever direction her new owner wants to take her.
Her adoption fee is $500.00
You will need to fill out an application which can be found on our website
For more information contact Jeannine at 209-614-2338

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